CinG-X CapsulesHelps Manage Blood Glucose Naturally

neutraceutical for managing blood glucose naturally called CinG-X CapsulesHigh blood sugar level is a deadly killer that relentlessly attacks the body. Over time this action will significantly affect the cardio and neurological systems. CinG-X works at treating and assisting the body in managing high blood sugar levels, a significant factor in the cause of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia. The CinG-X proprietary blend helps control the sugar metabolic process resulting in enhanced, physical cardiovascular, brain and neurological functions.

Used daily, CinG-X can:
  • Help lower or reduce blood sugar by aiding in the management of insulin resistance.
  • Help promote healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Help support cognitive function (memory loss) and help reduce mental fatigue.
  • Help enhance physical capacity and performance.
  • Aid in weight reduction.
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Clinical Studies

Various clinical studies relating to the health benefits of cinnamon and Panax ginseng, the two main ingredients in CinG-X Capsules.

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