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Blood Sugar Levels May Affect Memory Skills

Are you having trouble remembering things? Here’s an interesting possibility; your blood sugar levels could be damaging your hippocampus, making it smaller and thus reducing its functionality. A recent study published by the American Academy of Neurology comprised of 141 subjects, all of whom had no history of diabetes, showed that a person’s memory skills suffered significant impairment if their blood sugar levels were elevated.

Simple memory test

After taking blood samples, the participants were tested using the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, and MRI brain scans were obtained analyzing the hippocampus, a part of the brain which plays an important role in memory. The MRI scans revealed a smaller hippocampus in subjects with dangerously high blood sugar levels, regardless of their general health or lack of diabetes. These individuals with elevated sugar levels remembered fewer words in simple memory tests than those with normal blood sugar levels.

The science behind the phenomenon

Glucose levels affect the brain in profound ways. One of the effects of high glucose levels is the damaging of memory, which can be the result of mild blood clots that go unnoticed causing mini-strokes and preventing proper blood flow in the brain. The hippocampus is a very important component of the limbic system and it’s responsible for assimilating spatial navigation as well as short-term and long term information. Research indicates that over time excessive glucose levels in the blood cause extensive damage to the hippocampus leading to difficulty in forming new and old memories and impairment of cognitive functioning.

High Blood sugar and memory

Participants with high blood sugar levels showed limited aptitude for recalling simple words during the test while those with normal blood sugar levels yielded relatively high scores. High concentration of glucose in the bloodstream meant a person had more glycated hemoglobin in the bloodstream. Glucose tends to stick’ to hemoglobin molecules and form glycated hemoglobin, which is what doctors use to measure the amount of glucose in the blood.

Solution for weight gain and pre-diabetes

Our natural metabolism slows down as we age and at some point the process of removing sugar from the blood by the liver becomes inefficient, causing more sugar to be stored as fat. The now elevated glucose levels gradually increase insulin resistance snowballing the effect of blood sugar directly to fat.  This whole process ultimately leads to increased dementia or memory loss and other medical problems. Luckily with CinG-X™ you can enhance your body’s ability to process excess sugar so more can be removed by the liver limiting the effects of insulin resistance.

Enhancing insulin function with CinG-X™

CinG-X™ Corporation manufactures a capsule that boosts the body’s ability to process sugar, lowering your glucose levels and enhancing your hippocampus so that it functions uninhibited. Even people who don’t have diabetes or hypertension can suffer from memory problems but individuals with impaired glucose tolerance or full-blown diabetes are at a higher risk.

Summary| Getting Forgetful?  High Blood Sugar Could be the Cause!

CinG-X™ offers an effective solution for managing healthy blood sugar levels. They have a patent pending formulation that assists the body in processing sugar so it doesn't get stored as fat, which allows the body to return to a normal healthy state. Extensive studies have shown that chronic high glucose levels exert a negative effect on cognition and this is most likely due to a structural change in specific brain areas. Research also indicates that elevated glucose levels typically found in overweight people and individuals who consume unhealthy amounts of carbohydrates are associated with memory loss and early signs of dementia. Knowing which factors contribute to the problem can help one avoid this condition and in turn begin a healing process. The older population is at a higher risk of dementia due to a heightened incidence of insulin resistance brought about by chronic high glucose levels.  This condition requires preventative measures to stop the gradual wearing down of the body’s ability to process sugar and depletion of the hippocampus. Even in the absence of diabetes the effect on cognition is still troubling and it requires action to stop the damage to memory. CinG-X™ with its combination of Cinnamon and Panax Ginseng offer you a solution that helps the body effectively process sugar thus minimizing the effect of aging on the brain.  When combined with foods that promote health, CinG-X™ provides a safe solution for individuals suffering from memory problems. By adding regular exercise to this treatment, one gives the body more tools to minimize the effects of insulin resistance.  This helps your high blood sugarlevels return to a healthy range, all of which improves cognitive function.

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