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Collagenna Laboratories has created a web-store which will allow our customers to find great deals and advice on Natural Health Products. We will be constantly updating our site and please be sure to check our monthly specials. 

Collagenna Laboratories also produces several Natural Health Products such as the Collagenna Skin Care Product line as well as CinG-X (Blood Sugar Management) , Marine Collagen Capsules (Joints and Skin) and FertaMax for Men and Women (Fertility enhancement)

We will be introducing our latest product early next month. It is called Relieva, which is a patented cream with a natural active that helps in the relief of symptoms associated with Psoriasis and Eczema. There will be a special offer for the first 100 customers that want to try this for free.... More news in a few weeks. 


So welcome to all of our new customers and please come back often for more exciting news and interesting information. 

If you have any questions or comments. please drop me a line


Yours to Natural Health


Michael Arnkvarn


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